-Elizabeth Velasquez

*Birth Doula    *Birth Story Filmmaker

*Dayton Birth Doula enhances communication between the woman, her partner and their care-providers; never stands in the way of it.

Dayton Birth Doula Philosophy

*A woman should come out of her birth empowered.  If she doesn't, the mother should receive the postpartum support she needs to help her process her experience.

*Dayton Birth Doula helps the couple have a positive and transformative birth experience by guiding them through the intensity of birth with knowledge and sensitivity.

Image by Amanda D Photography www.AmandaDPhotography.com

Congratulations! Pregnancy is a time of great anticipation.  Growing your baby inside of you may make you feel excited and enthralled, or fascinated and curious, unique and beautiful, or simply humbled.  But other emotions may crop up too, like self-doubt and even fear.  As a doula I help guide you through this complex physical and emotional process and be the reassuring presence you need in pregnancy and birth.  Read my philosophy below to see if I am the right fit for you!

*A woman's wishes should be respected, whether she prefers a medicated birth, an all-natural birth or somewhere in between.

*Birth is more than a means to get the baby out. The process itself has worth.

*A healthy mother and a healthy baby are of utmost importance.  But her emotional well-being must not be downplayed.

*A warm, supported birth experience has the potential to heal past birth trauma. 


Dayton Birth Doula