• Each birth is a unique, tremendously personal experience while at the very same time a significant universal human experience.  I aim to preserve this notion in every Birth Story Film I make.
  • I aim to capture footage discreetly, respectfully, and truthfully.
  • I don't believe in formulas when creating a Birth Story Film.  Birth is too personal and sacred to boil it down to one cookie-cutter formula.  Each Birth Story Film I make is unique to the woman and family I make it with.   

My philosophy as a Birth Story Filmmaker

Birth Story Film FAQs

About me as a Filmmaker

My credentials as a Filmmaker

  • Bachelor's in Media Study with Concentration in Production from SUNY Buffalo
  • 11 years of production experience
  • Narrative and documentary film experience
  • Accomplished video editor
  • Directed and edited several promotional videos and wedding videos

What if I don't want any footage of my labor and birth?
No problem!  You don't need footage of labor and birth to make a meaningful Birth Story Film.

Can you be my doula and still make my Birth Story Film?
Yes.  One role does not stand in the way of the other because most footage, if not all, is captured prenatally and postpartum. 

What if I am nervous in front of cameras?
That's okay! Most people get a little nervous at first but warm up pretty quickly.  Plus, with my experience as a filmmaker, I have methods to help people feel more comfortable on camera.

What if my birth doesn't turn out as I planned or hoped?
Birth can be unpredictable.  And sometimes we get feelings we don't expect to have after the birth.  But no matter what happens, the process of making a film that is true to your story can be very therapeutic and helpful in processing your birth experience.

When will I get the completed film?
Usually within 3 months after the baby is born. 

Can my other children be in the film?
Absolutely!  Older children add a lot to a Birth Story Film.

How is being a doula and filmmaker related?                                                                                              I love being a doula, supporting and guiding women through pregnancy and childbirth.  I love making films, capturing emotion and truth in life on camera.  Doing both combines my passions: Documenting the strength of a woman in the most significant moment in her life and guiding her through it at the same time.