The birth of your baby will be one of the most significant events in your life. 

*Your Birth Story Film will have worth and relevance for generations to come. 

*Show it to your loved ones, children, grandchildren, or just keep it privately for yourself.

*Making a Birth Story Film helps you process your birth experience.

*It allows you to remember parts of your story that may be foggy. 

*Documenting your birth story with respect, beauty, and dignity is a wonderful way of preserving it.

Birth Story Film Pricing Info

$600 for Birth Story Film only

$400 if added to doula service($800)  =$1200 


1 prenatal shoot (interview and candid footage)

Up to 2 hours of labor shoot (if desired)  Remember: If I work as your doula, there will only be a few minutes of captured footage so it does not take away from my role as doula.  Also there is no guarantee of birth footage as you may need my undivided attention at that point.

2 postpartum shoots (about 1 day after birth, about 1 month after birth)

1 DVD version and a digital version of your Birth Story Film (15-30 minutes in length)

Why get a Birth Story Film?

What exactly is a Birth Story Film?

Simply put, it is a film capturing your birth story.  It is your perspective, your thoughts, your experience of what it took to bring your baby into the world. 

Your Birth Story Film may include:

Birth Story Film

*Natural moments of you while pregnant

*Discussion of the pregnancy and upcoming birth

*Some footage of labor (only if desired)                                                                                      Please note:  Labor footage will be minimal if I am your doula so that nothing detracts from the support you need during labor and from my role as doula

*First moments of your baby's life

*Early priceless interactions between you and your baby

*Natural moments of your new growing family

*A retrospective discussion of your birth after you've settled into your new life with your baby

*Extras like old family photos, birth photos, original music