Did you know...

Studies have shown that just having a woman's continuous presence at your birth - not saying or doing anything, simply observing - decreases length of labor and use of interventions and increases feelings of satisfaction.  This almost mystical effect is amplified when this woman is a trained and experienced doula who interacts with the couple during labor and birth.  

Originally the word "doula" is an ancient Greek term meaning "woman who serves."  But in the last few decades it's been redefined to the meaning we know today. 

Having a doula decreases your chance of receiving Pitocin to induce or augment labor by 31%.

Studies have shown that having a doula decreases your risk of getting a c-section by 28%.  These studies used random samples of thousands of women who were assigned their group of either "having a doula" or "not having a doula" making these studies' findings reliable and accurate.