About me and my credentials

I received my doula certification from DONA International.  As a doula I have worked with people of different ages, faiths, philosophies, ethnicities, and birth preferences.  I have experience in un-medicated births, hydrotherapy in labor, home birth, VBACs, water birth, women with life trauma, gestational diabetes, and more. 

In addition to my professional birth experience I have undergone intensive training gaining knowledge of the biology and physiology of birth, emotional and psychological changes in the mother during labor, how to help her cope with these changes, techniques for pain management and relief, how to keep her feeling safe and secure in her birth place wherever it may be, enhancing successful communication between her (and her partner) and her care provider, and lactation and breastfeeding support.  

I grew up in Buffalo, NY and have been living in Dayton for the past 9 years.  Aside from being a doula I love writing, making films, and spending time and enjoying meals with family.  I am married and have three children.

With my own three births I have had a wide range of personal birth experiences:  back labor, water breaking unexpectedly at home, induction, spontaneous unset of labor, care provided by OBs, care provided by midwives, strep-B negative, strep-B positive, epidural and narcotic medications, long births, a short birth, c-section, and two all-natural VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean). 

The one factor that played the biggest role in the way I felt coming out of my birth was my doula.  The difference between having one and not having one was so great that she inspired me to become a doula.